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  About Xingdong
  Our factory is one of the Chinese pump industries groups, which is the specialized plant making ministry .It is the domestic main enterprise of gear pump profession.This factory has passed theISO9001-2000 international quality system and China Classification Society and has achieved approval certificate of marine products. The Company is in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international
quality system of manufacture and possess a wealth of manufacturing experience, strong technical force, perfect testing means, complete varieties of products, affordable low prices and stable and reliable quality. The product design uses CAD and the advanced CAPP method and the international standard Since the set up of the company till now, the products have been sold to all parts of the country by domestic and foreign customers. In line with the principle of good faith, we have set up long-term cooperative elationship with a number of customers, and now my company is to further strengthen the
r technical staff level, level the high-tech of products, for making the better quality, more affordable products available to users at home and abroad.
  The main product has KCB series gear pump, 2CY series gear pump, YCB series circular gear pump, NYP internal rotary pump, 2W.W series double screw pump, 3G series screw pump, 3RP lope rotary pump, CYZ self-priming centrifugal pump, WZW self-priming polluted water pump, RY forced-air cooling hot oil centrifugal pump, AY type single two-stage centrifugal lubro pump, BZA series chemical process pump, CWZ series horizontal centrifugal self-priming marine pump, CWX series self-priming centrifugal vortex pump, CLZ series vertical centrifugal self-priming marine pump, CLH series vertical centrifugal marine pump.
  The product specification is complete, the performance is reliable, with the high quality at low price. We have won the general customer trust. The product is available through out the country , which are widely applied in petroleum, chemical industry, ships, electric power, cooking oil, food, medicine, building materials, metallurgy and national defense scientific research.
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Add: Wugang Road, Development District, Botou City, Hebei Province, China Mob: 0086-15533772366

Contract Jessie Sun Tel: 0086-317-8280068  Fax: 0086-317-8280058
Contract : Jessie Sun E-mail: oceanpump@126.com  MSN:oceanpump@live.cn